28 March, 2005

Pure legalese fun — Adobe® Photoshop® software

These guys at Adobe are cool and all, they make incredible software but being a major corporation implies some non-trivial amounts of legalese and general stupidity involved.

Quoth the Adobe website raven:

Trademarks are not verbs.
CORRECT: The image was enhanced using Adobe® Photoshop® software.
INCORRECT: The image was photoshopped.

Pure legalese fun — Adobe® Photoshop® software

These guys at Adobe are cool and all, they make incredible software but being a major corporation implies some non-trivial amounts of legalese and general stupidity involved.

Quoth the Adobe website raven:

Trademarks are not verbs.
CORRECT: The image was enhanced using Adobe® Photoshop® software.
INCORRECT: The image was photoshopped.

27 March, 2005

Tulip Kyrgyzstan

(c) © Vyacheslav Oseledko/AFP (France-Presse) via drugoi.

I was in Kyrgyzstan/Bishkek when it was a part of USSR. The city was called Frunze and the people were happy inhabitants of a small sunny state with lakes to swim and mountains (Tian Shan, no less!) to climb. Now, they wear pink and loot stores. World changes.

After rose Georgia, orange Ukraine and pink Kyrgyzstan, who're next? Cornflower Belarus?

Annual manual clockwork

This country just switched to Daylight Saving Time, that is all the clocks were adjusted by an hour forward. DST kinda helps the nation to preserve energy by matching working hours with daylight time better. I do not feel anything about the adjustment as I usually wake up late. Most of the people call my working hours (13:00–21:00) weird.

But my point is that I have 5 computers under my command with different operating systems and they all adjusted the time themselves. Moreover my mobile phone did it too. The only clock left is on the wall. Or wait, another one on the table. Hm, and another in the camera. Yes, one more in the voice recorder. In the mp3 player. Kitchen clock. And I need to call parents to make sure they noticed the switch. That's what we call XXI century — time is ticking all around and I mostly don't care for it anyway.

25 March, 2005


Looks like we are going to have a spring (or something close to that) this year, eventually. You see, it's March, 25 and –2°C which is 6 degrees below average according to weather.com. The whole March was a month of much snow, blizzards and very low temperature. –2°C is 28.4°F for those not familiar with Celsius degrees.

BUT! But! Yesterday we had a sunny day! I SMELLED spring. So I allowed myself to get a little hope.

By the way, one of our local, ehh, artists, Nikolai Fomenko, known for his short humourous phrases coined the situation: «We've got a nice winter this spring.»

18 March, 2005

Kosmichesky Reis

These are shots from Soviet 1935 movie (walking movie, without sound) «Kosmichesky Reis» (space trip). IMDB has some info on it.

Walking movies used special screens on which the words were written to show conversations. The second shot says: «Rocket N128 emits signals, that means the cat is alive!» The movie is about an expedition to the Moon and there was a cat onboard.

More shots here (russian LJ).


When Sir Isaac Newton looked at the continuous spectrum of white light dispersed through a prism, his superstitious mind couldn't bear to name only six colors. Being that six was a number of the devil and that there were seven planets and seven notes he added the dark blue «indigo» color in as one of his fundamental colors of light to round out the number of colors to seven.

This is indigo.

For centuries, Indigo used to be a very valuable dye; the exclusive looking deep blue color was a sign of wealth. Of course that «exclusivity» went down the toilet when they developed synthetic indigo in 1905 and everyone with a new pair of blue jeans could have some of that exclusivity.

Found on Slashdot, deep down a discussion.

17 March, 2005

Found on PerlMonks.Com

«The only intuitive interface is the nipple. After that, it's all learned.» — Bruce Ediger.


On March 8 we have the so called Internation Women's Day, a nice little reason to present something lovely to our beloved women. A day off, too.

This year the government had shown its own unique sense of humour. One of Chechen warlords Aslan Maskhadov was assassinated on March 8. The last hope to peacefully deal with Chechens vanished in a puff of smoke. The world immediately called the action «a political stupidity and a gross mistake».

And guess what? The government celebrated the murder by showing the corpse on TV! Ah, ok. And now they say that the information that helped kill Maskhadov cost them (us, actually, as we are the ones who are taxed in this country) a whopping 10 million US dollars! My home town could live on this sum for several years.

That said, I seriously doubt that the money were cashed out. Nobody in his right mind would believe everything these guys tell us from TV especially when they add the details of payment are not to be disclosed ever. Yeah, right.


16 March, 2005

Minus religion

Have you read that funny and amuzing How to blog article by Tony Pierce, it even got the award?

I liked the 13th item so you now will read about sex & politics. Tony's fault, sorry.

The only sexually attractive woman in our local politics is Irina Khakamada. Her father was from Japan hence the surname. She's got rather rare combination of genes I must say. Here is the photo:

More at her official site or your favourite image search engine.

She is almost 50 years old! She's got a candidate degree in economics (the closest western analogue is Ph.D.) and leads a liberal party here. Kind of beautiful «smart ass» and is therefore not very popular among the ordinary people but indeed very popular in intellectual circles which are of course against Putin and his tsarist regime.

You can read more about her on MosNews.

It's rumoured that she had some serious problems with alcohol. You know, it even adds to her image as a sex symbol of democracy in Russia. Trust me.

And even more intro

I am not a newbie in all this blogging affairs. I've been blogging since 2001 but in Russian. Only recently I've decided to try doing it in English first to practise language and second to give Blogger.Com another shot. I used Blogger back in those ages when it was owned by Pyro Labs and liked it for the unique feature of being able to host the blog on an external FTP site (and disliked for bugs with templates and Mozilla 0.9). Then I switched to MovableType and did a great deal of work in it (and on it as the source is available). The new Blogger is much more consisent and nice. We'll see.

I won't disclose the location of my primary blog here. I do not want any connections between these two projects, sorry. Some post will be shared (although it is sometimes harder to translate from Russian than to write directly in English).

15 March, 2005

Sputnik, Vodka, Cagey bee

This is a list of English words of Russian origin from Answers.com (Wikipedia, actually, but I digress).

Quite an amuzing read. To my surprise, babushka is a scarf! Hell, that word (literally) in Russian means «old woman, grandmother, granny».

I keep reading the list.


More along the lines of introduction.

First, English is not native for me, so please, take it into account, but if you spot a knit ready for picking, please report! This is really the blog where you can show every bit of your English skills and be thanked for that. I will love you for helping me strengthen my English.

Next, I work as a Web Developer. Pardon if I get a little geeky from time to time. I do sometimes believe that my parents wrote me in a mix of Perl and JavaScript.

Hm. I'd rather merge these introduction posts into an «About» page some day.

When I don't feel like summarizing a post into its title, I fill that field with a catchy phrase or word from my head (which is mostly a slightly sorted heap of random trivia) that has some obscure relation to the text I've just written. Please, no more «I»s here! (note to self).

Thanks for all the fish

Take off.

Wtf «Tubular Wells»? That's a variation on «Tubular Bells», album by Mike Oldfield. Or better, that's Mike Oldfield symbol, what all his music is (kind of) about. He's a genius.